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Written by Peter Gordon

Directed by Ros Shepherd

Produced by Jennie Barr

Stage managed by Mike Cooper

1930s England, it’s Christmas Eve in the manor house of the bumbling aristocrat, Sir Walton Gates and his wife Grace. His daughter Emma from a previous marriage arrives from town with her new companion in tow, the dashing James Washington. Added to the mix is Sir Walton’s estranged brother Archie, recently returned from years spent in Australia, bringing with him an appetite for mischief and a dodgy accent.

Enter England’s most confused police officer, Sergeant Pratt, who unwittingly kicks a hornet’s nest of English gentility and the evening soon descends into chaos with hilarious consequences. Magic tricks will fail miserably, shots will inadvertently ring out and identities will be confused but can Pratt identify the individual with murderous intent before a body is found? Probably not . . .

In this prequel to the Inspector Pratt Trilogy, Sleighed to Death takes us back to a previous period in Inspector Pratt’s career and we discover that his earlier life as a policeman is no less hilarious!


Paul Cuttle Sir Walton Gates
Antonia Demetriadi Morag
Sofia Belfelice Grace, Lady Gates
Gemma King The Honourable Emma Gates
David Burroughs-Parke James Washington
Graeme Cooper Sergeant Pratt
Hazel Bonnin WPC Potter
Fergus Kirkham Archie Gates
Elsa Doris