Sing a Song of Sixpence

Programme for Sing a Song of Sixpence

Written by Norman Robbins

Staged by Hook Players in 1994

Directed by Christine Bradley

Directed by Anita Lay

Produced by Mike Cross

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley


Anita Lay Flip
Jo James Flop
Jonathan Pressey Chamberlain
Ros Shepherd Queen Dilly of Utopia
Martin Thom Prince Valentine
Louisa Kelly Princess Angelica
Mike Cooper Simple Simon
Roger Cutler Dame Daphne Durden
Ann Cross Which Watt
Julie Piggott Fairy Fantasia
Clive Smith King Cornelious of Cornpucopia
Lesley Morrison Lucy, the maid
Ken Newman Rollo, Lord of the Gypsies
Maggie Wood Zorika, his wife
Pat Cooper Squint, the old gypsy
Cathy Montgomery Beheaded lady
Denise Robertson Ghost
Cedric Bradley Black Knight
Jonathan Pressey Black Knight
Cedric Bradley Chorus and gypsies
Cathy Montgomery Chorus and gypsies
Ruth Eggleton Chorus and gypsies
Sue Morris Chorus and gypsies
Les Morrison Chorus and gypsies


Cathy Cowdery Clarinet (matinees)
Fred Cowdery Drums
Joy Sparks Flute
Lisa Hill Clarinet (evenings)
Mike Thomson Bass guitar
Rachel Sparks Flute
Vida Trehern Piano


From The Zoe Lynch Dancers.

Production team

Ann Baty Seamstress
Anne Clarke Makeup
Ann McKinna Seamstress
Barbara Newman Seamstress
Cedric Bradley Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Wardrobe design
Eileen Quigley Front of house , Ticket sales
Ian Wilkinson Lighting and sound
Jean Wilkinson Props
Julie Piggott Seamstress
Kate Blackman Teas
Ken Newman Backstage crew
Leonie Govier Scenery painter
Lynda Leighton Scenery desgin , Poster
Maggie Little Scenery painter
Margaret Hayes Makeup
Mavis Cutler Seamstress
Mike Cross Backstage crew
Les Morrison Backstage crew
Pauline Ashwood Fairy Domain
Peter Lewis Scenery painter , Backstage crew
Richard Bradley Programme
Rosemary Whittle Scenery painter
Ruth Eggleton Witches Domain and raffle
Warwick Howe Props