Local Affairs

Programme for Local Affairs

Written by Richard Harris

Staged by Hook Players in 1995

Directed by Warwick Howe

Produced by Cathy Montgomery

Stage managed by Peter Lewis


Clive Smith Charles
Lesley Morrison Norma
Roger Cutler Peter
Mike Cross David
Anita Lay Mrs Hinson
Martin Thom Keith
Louisa Kelly Susan
Jo James Katy

Production team

Ann McKinna Make-up
Annechien Smith Props
Barbara Newman Wardrobe mistress , Mr Smith's wardrobe , Box office
Cathy Montgomery Front of house
Christine Bradley Programme , Front of house
Denise Robertson Props
Derek Hammond Stage builder
Ian Wilkinson Lighting
Julie Piggott Front of house
Kate Blackman Teas
Linda Leighton Poster design
Mavis Cutler Mr Cutler's wardrobe
Neil Hammond Stage builder
Peter Lewis Stage design
Ruth Eggleton Box office
Sue Morris Prompt