Rehearsal For Murder

Programme for Rehearsal For Murder

Written by adapted by D D Brooke from a teleplay by Richard Levinson and William Link

Staged by Hook Players in 1996

Directed by Christine Bradley

Produced by Ann McKinna


Martin Thom Alex Dennison
Peter Lewis Ernie
Pat Cooper Sally Bean
Annechien Smith Loretta
Denise Robertson Monica Welles
Mike Cooper Lloyd Andrews
Ann Cross Bella Lamb
Louisa Kelly Karen Daniels
Warwick Howe Leo Gibbs
Mike Cross David Matthews
Peter Lewis Male police officer
Cathy Warner Female police officer
Clive Smith Man in auditorium
Malcolm Hemmings Mr Santoro

Production team

Anita Lay Front of house
Anna Bradley Backstage crew
Ann McKinna Make-up , Curtains made by
Annechien Smith Programme
Cedric Bradley Lighting
Christine Bradley Backstage crew , Hair
Eileen Quigley Front of house
Fiona McKinna Front of house
Karen Murphy Front of house
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Maggie Wood Refreshments
Malcolm Hemmings Backstage crew
Mavis Cutler Curtains made by
Phil Knight Lighting assistant
Roger Cutler Publicity
Ros Shepherd Backstage crew , Props
Sue Morris Prompt
Woody Ravenscroft Lighting assistant , Sound