Programme for Aladdin

Written by Hook Players collaboration (from an original draft by Ros Shepherd)

Staged by Hook Players in 1996

Directed by Christine Bradley

Produced by Ann McKinna

Produced by Pat Cooper

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley


Peter Lewis How U Fat (The Genie)
Clive Smith Emperor Hu Flung Dung
Jo Wright Princess Shang a Lang
Ros Shepherd Palace cook
Penny Cooper Wishee Washee
Ann Cross Trader
Peter Lewis Trader
Lesley Morrison Trader
Claire Quigley Trader
Annechien Smith Trader
Clive Smith Trader
Ruth Eggleton Trader
Louisa Kelly Ping
Mike Cooper Pong
Mike Cross Chow Mean
Martin Thom Aladdin
Warwick Howe Widow Twanky
Pierce Trehern Abanazer
Maggie Wood Combustia
Ros Shepherd Dum Pling
Ruth Eggleton Servant
Su Hayward Psy Kik Sui
Jackie Kuflik Gudrun
Pat Cooper Morphia
Claire Quigley The White Ranger
Denise Robertson Fli Too Hi
Lesley Morrison Nookigood
Ann Cross Wing Co
Annechien Smith Mabel
Claire Quigley Toodles
Louisa Kelly Morgana
Roger Cutler Rock


Fred Cowdery Drums
Lisa Hill Clarinet
Mike Thomson Bass Guitar
Paul Block Musician
Richard Shepherd Saxophone
Vida Trehern Piano


From Zoe Lynch School of Dancing.

Production team

Ali McKinna Lighting , Sound
Ann McKinna Costumes , Make-up
Annechien Smith Programme
Bob Ashwood Backstage crew
Brian Starman Backstage crew
Cathy Warner Backstage crew , Props
Cedric Bradley Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Costumes , Make-up
David McKinna Backstage crew
Eileen Quigley Front of house
Elizabeth Knight Costumes
Ian Wilkinson Lighting , Sound
Jackie Kuflik Make-up
Jean Wilkinson Front of house
Karen Murphy Costumes , Front of house
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lesley Morrison Backstage crew
Mavis Cutler Costumes
Meg Howe Front of house
Peter Lewis Set design
Phil Knight Lighting , Sound
Roger Cutler Backstage crew , Publicity , Box office
Ros Shepherd Props