Night Watch

Programme for Night Watch

Written by Lucille Fletcher

Staged by Hook Players in 2000

Directed by Warwick Howe

Produced by Annechien Smith

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley

Stage managed by John McDonagh


Jennie Barr Elaine Wheeler
Mike Cross John Wheeler
Ros Shepherd Helga
Mike Cooper Vanelli
Roger Cutler Curtis Appleby
Michelle Unsworth Blanche Cooke
Peter Lewis Lieutenant Walker
Trish Tuck Dr Tracey Lake
Brian Starman Sam Hoke

Production team

Ann Cross Assistant to Director
Annechien Smith Photography and hall display
Bernadette Ridge Front of house
Betty Cresdee Costumes
Cathy Warner Front of house
Cedric Bradley Stage builder
Christine Bradley Costumes , Hair , Programme
Eileen Quigley Front of house
Elizabeth Knight Box office
Jackie Kuflik Ticket production
John McDonagh Stage builder
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lynn Asghar Make-up
Mavis Cutler Costumes
Meg Howe Front of house
Pat Cooper Props , Furnishings
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Ros Shepherd Publicity
Tony Warner Front of house