Jack and Jill

Programme for Jack and Jill

Written by Christine Bradley

Staged by Hook Players in 2000

Directed by Mike Cooper

Directed by Lesley Morrison

Produced by Maggie Wood

Stage managed by John McDonagh

Musical Direction by Vida Trehern


Christine Bradley Witch Well
Roger Cutler Dame Dilly
Graeme Cooper Tobias Tinker
Claire Hizzey Fanny
Kevin Carter Oddbins
Claire Quigley Bodgitt
Michelle Unsworth Scarper
Jennie Barr Jack
Penny Cooper Jill
Mike Cross King Marmaduke
Lynn Asghar Queen Willhemeana
Trish Tuck Daphne
Pierce Trehern Lord Tempus
Bernadette Ridge Penny Penpusher
Cedric Bradley Walter Wellhard
Brian Starman King Zircon
Pat Cooper Queen Amethyst
Neil Shoesmith Cabachon
Christina Evenden Solitaire
Helen Charles also appearing
Jennie Craven also appearing
Ann Cross also appearing
Fiona Sharp also appearing


Alan Quilter
Alison Laidler
Fred Cowdery
Lisa Hill
Vernon Dean
Vida Trehern

Production team

Ann Cross Set construction and painting
Annechien Smith Front of house
Betty Cresdee Costumes
Cathy Warner Front of house
Cedric Bradley Set construction and painting , Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Costume mistress , Costumes , Hair and make-up , Choreography
Claire Hizzey Programme
Eileen Quigley Front of house
Elizabeth Knight Costumes , Box office
Isobel Pineau Costumes
Jackie Kuflik Set construction and painting , Hair and make-up
Jennie Cooper Choreography
John McDonagh Set construction and painting
Karen Lewis Bar
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lynne Andrews Set construction and painting
Lynn Asghar Costumes , Hair and make-up
Maggie Wood Costumes , Front of house
Mavis Cutler Costumes
Les Morrison Set construction and painting , Backstage crew
Neil Shoesmith Photography
Pat Cooper Choreography
Penny Cooper Hair and make-up
Peter Lewis Set design , Set construction and painting , Backstage crew
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Ros Shepherd Props , Publicity , Lyrics and arrangements