Mixed Emotions (3 one act plays)

Programme for Mixed Emotions (3 one act plays)

Staged by Hook Players in 2001

Produced by Jennie Craven

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley

Production team

Brian Starman Set design and construction
Cedric Bradley Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Claire Hizzey Programme
Claire Quigley Publicity
Elizabeth Knight Box office
Graham Smith Photography
Jackie Kuflik Make-up
John McDonagh Set design and construction , Backstage crew , Props
Karen Lewis Bar
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lesley Morrison Props
Lynn Asghar Make-up
Maggie Wood Front of house
Michelle Unsworth Display stands
Mike Cooper Props
Les Morrison Backstage crew , Sound
Peter Lewis Bar , Paintings
Phil Knight Lighting
Warwick Howe Raffle

Interior Designs

Written by Jimmie Chinn

Directed by Pat Cooper


Claire Quigley Amy
Shirley Bradford Holly
Penny Cooper Irene
Kevin Carter Him

Production team

Mike Cooper Props


Written by Colin Crowther

Directed by Christine Bradley


Jennie Barr Jan
Graeme Cooper Tom
Annechien Smith Brenda

Production team

Lesley Morrison Props
Peter Lewis Paintings


Written by Nick Hall

Directed by Graeme Cooper


Clive Smith Sir Peter Tanford
Christine Bradley Lady Alexandra Tanford
Lynn Asghar Viola Vionysse
Mike Cooper Medford

Production team

John McDonagh Props