The Silver Nutmeg

Programme for The Silver Nutmeg

Written by Christine Bradley

Staged by Hook Players in 2002

Directed by Christine Bradley

Produced by Jackie Kuflik

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley

Musical Direction by Roger Cutler


Jackie Kuflik Pashwari Nan
Pat Cooper Hessian
Trish Tuck Raffia
Mike Cooper Sultan Abdullah the Inimitable
Lesley Morrison Yasmin
Fergus Kirkham Ahmed the gardener
Jennie Cooper Isabella
Graeme Cooper Don Fernando
Peter Lewis Conswella
Jennie Craven Manuel
Anita Lay Miguel
Clarissa (as herself) Clarissa
Elizabeth Knight Sebastian
Trish Tuck Sybil
Pat Cooper Ghost of Light Fingered Lilly
Elizabeth Knight The Headless Woman
Mike Cooper Commentator
Brian Starman Ahlid Karpett
Elizabeth Knight Ginestra the Genie
Clive Smith Sheikh Yefist
Annechien Smith Mustafa
Trish Tuck Ice Cream Seller
Cedric Bradley Bearers to the Sultan
Clive Smith Bearers to the Sultan
Brian Starman Bearers to the Sultan
Su Sullivan Bearers to the Sultan
Cedric Bradley Guards to Sheikh Yefist
Mike Cross Guards to Sheikh Yefist
Jennie Barr Chorus (Hookettes)
Jackie Kuflik Chorus (Hookettes)


Alan Quilter
Fred Cowdery
Lisa Hill
Vida Trehern


From Kelly Hopkins Theatre Arts.

Production team

Alex Parker Make-up
Anita Lay Wardrobe
Ann Cross Props
Annechien Smith Wardrobe
Betty Cresdee Wardrobe
Beverley Pendlington Front of house
Cedric Bradley Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Wardrobe
Claire Quigley Make-up
Daphne Copeland Front of house
Eileen Quigley Front of house
Elizabeth Knight Wardrobe , Box office
Graham Smith Photography
Ian Turner Front of house
Jackie Kuflik Wardrobe , Make-up
Janet Cooper Wardrobe
Jean Wilkinson Rehearsal prompt
Jennie Barr Props
Jennie Craven Publicity
John McDonagh Set design and construction , Backstage crew
June Prett Front of house
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Ken Craven Front of house
Linda Budkiewicz Front of house
Lorraine Cowdrey Front of house
Lynn Asghar Assistant Director , Make-up , Props
Maggie Wood Wardrobe , Front of house
Mavis Cutler Wardrobe
Meg Howe Front of house
Michelle Unsworth Props
Mike Cooper Set design and construction
Mike Cross Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Mike Ives Lighting and sound
Pam Syms Front of house
Pat Cooper Publicity
Penny Cooper Make-up
Peter Lewis Set design and construction
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Su Sullivan Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Warwick Howe Raffle