Day of Reckoning

Programme for Day of Reckoning

Written by Pam Valentine

Staged by Hook Players in 2003

Directed by Mike Cooper

Produced by Su Sullivan

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley


Christine Bradley Ethel Swift
Michelle Unsworth Angela Brownlee
Ros Shepherd Mavis Partridge
Anita Starman Sally Martin
Lesley Morrison Gloria Pitt
Pat Cooper Pauline Morris
Lynn Asghar Marjorie Organ
Graeme Cooper Geoffrey Morris

Production team

Anita Starman Wardrobe
Annechien Smith Front of house
Betty Cresdee Wardrobe , Front of house
Blendeena Troth Front of house
Brian Starman Set design and construction , Backstage crew , Box office , Front of house
Cedric Bradley Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Wardrobe , Hair
Clive Smith Front of house
Elizabeth Knight Wardrobe
Fergus Kirkham Front of house
Fred Cowdery Front of house
Ian Turner Props
Ian Wilkinson Lighting and sound
Jackie Kuflik Programme , Front of house
Jean Wilkinson Prompt
John McDonagh Set design and construction , Backstage crew
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lorraine Cowdrey Front of house
Lynn Asghar Makeup
Mike Cooper Set design and construction
Mike Cross Set design and construction
Mike Ward Set design and construction , Front of house
Peter Lewis Front of house
Peter West Photography
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Pierce Trehern Front of house
Sam Cramp Front of house
Su Sullivan Directors assistant , Advertising
Vida Trehern Front of house
Warwick Howe Raffle