Kindly Keep it Covered

Programme for Kindly Keep it Covered

Written by Dave Freeman

Staged by Hook Players in 2003

Directed by Lynn Asghar

Produced by Elizabeth Knight

Stage managed by Cedric Bradley


Mike Cross Roland
Ros Shepherd Ms Hooper
Jennie Barr Julia
Trish Tuck Olivia
Graeme Cooper Sidney
Ann Cross Vanessa
Jennie Craven PC Campbell

Production team

Anita Starman Props
Betty Cresdee Costume
Brian Starman Stage build , Backstage crew
Cedric Bradley Stage build , Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Costume , Poster and programme
Chris Harris Stage build
Elizabeth Knight Box office
Jackie Kuflik Tickets
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Margaret West Prompt
Members of Hook Players Bar staff and front of house
Mike Cooper Stage build , Bar manager
Pat Cooper Bar manager
Peter Lewis Scenery painting
Peter West Photography
Phil Knight Lighting manager
Su Sullivan Stage build , Scenery painting , Advertising
Warwick Howe Raffle
Missing photos
If you can provide us with photos of this production then please contact us.