A Knight to Remember

Programme for A Knight to Remember

Written by Ann Grigg and Peter Lewis

Staged by Hook Players in 2005

Directed by Christine Bradley

Produced by Daryl Curtis

Produced by Darren Leaney

Stage managed by Peter Lewis

Musical Direction by Lesley Morrison


Jeanette Crisp Red Riding Hood
Sofi Curtis Perez de Guzman Little Tillie
Jennie Craven Silly Billy
Mike Cooper Little Willy
Wilma Jordan Mistress Gudun
Les Morrison Gruesome Grolly
Christina Evenden Princess Matilda
Fergus Kirkham Sir Archibald
Jennie Barr Joe, a squire
Robert Donnell Mother Hubbard
Ian Turner Sir Percival
Catriona Terrell Miss Muffin
Anita Starman Nosebag
Kay Briggs Nosebag
Raith Munro Sir Lance-a-little
Pat Cooper Grandma
Stephen White King Rupert of Oldtwerp
Fergus Kirkham Ye Olde Paramedics
Ian Turner Ye Olde Paramedics


Alan Quilter
Fred Cowdery
Lisa Quilter
The Starletts Backing singers
Vida Trehern


From The Kelly Hopkins Dance School.

Production team

Ann Grigg Scenery painting , Props
Betty Cresdee Seamstress
Brian Starman Box office
Catriona Lang Seamstress
Catriona Terrell Prompt
Cedric Bradley Sets and props construction , Backstage crew
Christine Bradley Hair , Wardrobe mistress
Daryl Curtis Programme
Darren Leaney Programme
Davena Lawrence Seamstress
Jenny Mayne Make-up
John McDonagh Sets and props construction , Photography
Julie Jones Make-up
Karen Lewis Seamstress
Kay Briggs Props
Keith Mayne Sets and props construction , Backstage crew
Linda James Wardrobe mistress
Louise Funnel Refreshments
Lynn Asghar Choreographer , Make-up
Mike Cross Publicity
Peter Lewis Scenery painting , Sets and props construction , Backstage crew
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Warwick Howe Assistant director