Relatively Speaking

Programme for Relatively Speaking

Written by Alan Ayckbourn

Staged by Hook Players in 2006

Directed by Christine Bradley

Produced by Daryl Curtis

Stage managed by Peter Lewis


Raith Munro Gregg
Sofi Curtis Perez de Guzman Ginny
Mike Cooper Philip
Anita Starman Sheila

Production team

Andy Grigg Set construction
Ann Grigg Scenery painting
Anthony Desombre Wine waiters
Becky James Food waiters
Betty Cresdee Costume
Brian Starman Set construction
Carrie Samuel Bar
Catriona Terrell Food chefs
Cedric Bradley Lighting and sound
Christine Bradley Hair , Costume
Chris James Food waiters
Darren Leaney Programme design
Eileen Quigley Front of house
1st Hook Guides Food waiters
Jennie Barr Wine waiters
Jo Lay Bar
John McDonagh Set construction , Photographer
Julie Simpson Bar
Kay Briggs Food chefs
Linda James Costume , Wine waiters
Maria Desombre Wine waiters
Meg Howe Front of house
Pat Cooper Prompt
Peter Lewis Set construction , Scenery painting
Phil Knight Music compiled by
Richard James Wine waiters
Shirley Clancy Food chefs
Su Sullivan Props
Warwick Howe Raffle
Wilma Jordan Food chefs