7 Miners and a Girl

Programme for 7 Miners and a Girl

Written by Warwick Howe, based on an original script by Susan Freke

Staged by Hook Players in 2011

Directed by Warwick Howe

Produced by Jane Bonnin

Stage managed by Brian Starman

Musical Direction by Ruth Malone

This year's pantomime from Hook Players is based on the traditional story of Snow White trying to escape her wicked stepmother the Queen and being taken in by seven miners who all fall in love with her but still expect her to do all of the work around the house!

Will Spit and Polish, be able to save Snow White? Will a handsome prince turn up to fall in love with her? What effect will the mirror have on events? What is the surprise in the final scene?


Ros Shepherd Grandma
Hannah Scregg Molly
John Hamshare Andrew
Claire Meaden Queen
Michael Fielding King
Anita Starman Mirror
Fiona Kirkham Snow White
Jackie Hayward Prince
Jennie Barr Spit
Lesley Morrison Polish
Graeme Cooper Grouch
Beth Lawson Elvis
Sofia Belfelice Chuckles
Fergus Kirkham Major
Gemma Owencroft Ah Choo
Jennie Craven Dizzy
Ian Turner Gee Pee
Warwick Howe Taxi Driver
Mike Cooper Butler
Catriona Terrell Porter
Pat Cooper Upstairs' Maid
Su Sullivan Health and Safety


Fred Cowdery Percussion
Katie Linehan-Hill Band
Michele Linehan-Hill Band
Vida Trehern Piano


From Loose Moose.

Production team

Alex Frowd Backstage crew
Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Anita Starman Costumes
Ann Grigg Set design , Backstage crew
Antony Hunter Raffle
Brian Starman Set design , Backstage crew
Carolyn Kirkham Front of house staff
Catriona Terrell Costumes
Cedric Bradley Set design , Backstage crew
Charlie Mansfield Lighting and sound
Christine Bradley Costumes , Hair
Elizabeth Knight Costumes , Front of house staff
Florence Hamshare Front of house staff
Fran Nichols Front of house staff
Graeme Cooper Publicity
Hazel Bonnin Front of house staff
Janet Cooper Front of house staff
Jennie Barr Programme
Jo Lay Costumes
John McDonagh Backstage crew , Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Costumes , Front of house staff
Karen Lewis Front of house staff
Marlies Zberg Front of house staff
Meg Howe Front of house staff
Paul Gaskill Bar staff
Pauline Hunter Front of house staff
Peter Lewis Set design
Phil Henney Backstage crew
Rachel Terrell Set design , Backstage crew , Backstage crew
Sue Morris Costumes , Front of house staff
Tish Owencroft Front of house staff
Tracy Hamshare Front of house staff
Trish Brooker Front of house staff
Warwick Howe Programme
Wilma Jordan Props
Yvonne Hinton Costumes