After September

Programme for After September

Written by Jimmie Chinn

Staged by Hook Players in 2012

Directed by Mike Cooper

Stage managed by John McDonagh

It's September 1964. A new school year is about to begin at the Gwendolyne Kyte Academy for Girls, but as the staff gather for the usual lists, classroom changes and holiday news, things are not as they should be.

A strange man is wandering the grounds and the ceiling in the east wing has collapsed during the summer break, forcing some staff to share their bedrooms. The loss of that only bit of privacy they had previously enjoyed brings consternation. Furthermore, the kitchen delivery has not arrived, Betty Bowker has left under a cloud and Trixie has disappeared in mysterious circumstances.

All this brings a sense of impending doom to those who treasure the erstwhile unchanging nature of their environment. Life has remained constant for this group of misfits for many years, but this is the 60's and the world is increasingly unfamiliar. Can they rise to the challenge before the building collapses around them?

The staff are a collection of oddballs who are probably only there because they couldn't get a work anywhere else, but each is delightfully drawn with the assured comic touch of the author.


Sofia Belfelice Miss D'Vere ("D'Vere" - English)
Helen Carter Miss McBain (Phoebe - Chemistry)
Wilma Jordan Miss Fisher (Molly - Maths)
Hazel Bonnin Miss Bickerstaff (Dorothy - Secretary)
Irene Searle Miss Kershaw (Kitty - PE)
Hannah Scregg Miss Duke (Daphne - Geography)
Ros Shepherd Mrs Godfrey (Vi - Cook and Cleaner)
Pat Cooper Miss Pink (Rose - Music)
Elizabeth Knight Miss Cross (Marjorie - RE)
Lesley Morrison Miss Kyte (Ursula - Headmistress)
John Hamshare Mr Smith (Septimus - Inspector)

Production team

Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Anita Applegarth Front of house staff
Ann Grigg Set design , Backstage crew
Antony Hunter Raffle
Carolyn Kirkham Front of house staff
Cedric Bradley Set design
Charlotte Handy Hair
Christine Bradley Costumes
Fergus Kirkham Front of house staff
Florence Hamshare Front of house staff
Fran Nichols Front of house staff
Gemma Owencroft Front of house staff
Graeme Cooper Front of house staff
John Hamshare Box office
John McDonagh Set design , Backstage crew , Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Front of house staff
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Marlies Zberg Front of house staff
Meg Howe Front of house staff
Paul Gaskill Bar staff
Pauline Hunter Front of house staff
Peter Lewis Set design
Phil Henney Backstage crew
Phil Knight Lighting and sound
Simon Applegarth Front of house staff
Sue Morris Props
Tracy Hamshare Front of house staff
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Warwick Howe Front of house staff
Wilma Jordan Publicity
Yvonne Hinton Costumes , Programme