Secondary Cause of Death

Programme for Secondary Cause of Death

Written by Peter Gordon

Staged by Hook Players in 2013

Directed by Mike Cooper

Produced by

Stage managed by

Inspector Pratt is Back. This comedy is the second in a trilogy of great Agatha Christie spoofs.

Following the mayhem of caused by the antics of the hapless and hopeless Inspector Pratt at Bagshot House a couple of years ago, time has moved on and it is now 1939 and storm clouds are gathering over Europe.

Having inherited Bagshot House Colonel Craddock has opened the house as a Hotel for the discerning guest. Before too long, Inspector Pratt is at the door bearing grim news for the Colonel. But this is just the start.

The action takes place in the library during spring 1939. World War II is brewing.

Gathered in the manor are its owner, Col. Charles Craddock, and a ham actor, Cardew Longfellow, who bears a striking resemblance to the Colonel. There is Lady Isadora Pollock, the Polish Count Puchlik of Puszcykowo, an English army officer, Capt. Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington and Nurse Ann Parsley, who is intent on attracting the wealthy, ageing manor owner.

This is an hilarious comedy that involves exploding teapots and cigars, guns, candlesticks, poisoned drinks, German spies and secret agents.

One need not have seen 'Murdered to death' to appreciate this play. Secondary Cause of Death, the middle instalment in Peter Gordon's comic whodunnit trilogy, full of malapropisms delivered by the poised though hilariously dim-witted Inspector Pratt.


Sofia Belfelice Ann Parsley
Hazel Bonnin Captain Henrietta Woolmer-Cardington
John Hamshare Cardew Longfellow
John Hamshare Colonel Charles Craddock
Warwick Howe Count Puchlik
Ros Shepherd Cynthia Maple
Graeme Cooper Inspector Pratt
Jackie Hayward Lady Isadora Pollock
Helen Carter Lilly Tuthill
Alison Roberts Martha Armstrong
Catriona Terrell Voice of Mrs. Margaret Craddock

Production team

Alex Woollard Box office , Front of house staff
Alison Roberts Make Up
Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Ann Grigg Set design , Painting
Antony Hunter Front of house staff
Catriona Terrell Prompt
Charlotte Handy Hair
Charlie Mansfield Lighting and sound
Elaine Grieveson Raffle
Elizabeth Knight Assistant Director
Jane Bonnin Front of House Manager
John McDonagh Set Construction , Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Front of house staff
Karen Murphy Front of house staff
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lesley Morrison Front of house staff
Mark Bonnin Front of house staff
Marlies Zberg Front of house staff
Meg Howe Front of house staff
Paul Gaskill Bar staff
Peter Lewis Set design , Set Construction
Phil Henney Set Construction , Backstage crew
Phil Knight Sound
Rachel Terrell Backstage crew
Ros Shepherd Publicity
Ruth Malone Front of house staff
Sandra Scregg Front of house staff
Sarah Hall Front of house staff , Programme
Sofia Belfelice Make Up
Tascha Shepherd Front of house staff
Tracy Hamshare Front of house staff
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Wilma Jordan Props
Yvonne Hinton Costumes