Jack and the Beanstalk

Programme for Jack and the Beanstalk

Written by Peter Denyer

Staged by Hook Players in 2013

Directed by Ros Shepherd

Produced by Jane Bonnin

Stage managed by John McDonagh

Musical Direction by Ruth Malone

Hook Players presents Jack and the Beanstalk by Peter Denyer. This amateur production is by arrangement with NODA Limited.

This is a traditional panto with all of the usual ingredients.

A hero, a villain, a fairy, a dame, a King, a giant and of course a pantomime cow.

There will be lots of songs and lots of silly jokes for all the family to enjoy.

Can Jack save the people of Merrydale from the scary giant and his horrible henchman? Will the King be able to satisfy the giant's demands for more money?, will Grabbit, the baillif, get anyone to pay any rent?, will Jack, Jill and Daisy the cow live happily ever after?

You'll just have to join us to find out, Oh yes you will!


Sofia Belfelice Fairy Moonbeam
Graeme Cooper Giant Blunderbore
Claire Meaden Fleshcreep
Livvy Gibson Jill
John Hamshare Dottie Trot
Jennie Barr Jack Trot
As Herself Daisy the Cow
Fergus Kirkham Billy Trot
Paul Cuttle King Maurice
Warwick Howe Grabbit
Helen Carter Ghost
Caroline Ebsworth Giant Blunderbore's stunt double
As Herself Chooky the Hen
Helen Carter Woodcutter
Jane Bonnin Balloonist
Steven King Balloonist
Jane Bonnin Dairymaid
Caroline Ebsworth Dairymaid
Penny Lewis Dairymaid
Lily Ebsworth Dancer
Abbie Pavitt Dancer
Jane Bonnin Villager
Caroline Ebsworth Villager
Christina Emery Villager
Penny Lewis Villager
Steven King Villager
Kara Stanford Villager
Pat Cooper Cattle Wrangler
Yvonne Hinton Cattle Wrangler
Kara Stanford Poultry Handler

Production team

Alison Roberts Make Up
Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Ann Grigg Assistant Stage Manager/Set design , Set Construction , Poster Design/Painting
Antony Hunter Box office
Carolyn Kirkham Bar staff , Front of house staff
Catriona Terrell Prompt
Charlotte Handy Set Design and Stage Props , Hair
Charlie Mansfield Lighting and special effects
Elaine Grieveson Front of House Manager
Elizabeth Knight Assistant Director , Deputy Stage Manager
Florence Hamshare Raffle , Front of house staff
Fred Cowdery Musician
Hazel Bonnin Bar staff
Janet Bartrop Make Up
Janet West Make Up
John McDonagh Stage Manager , Set Construction , Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Front of house staff
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Katie Linehan-Hill Musician
Lesley Morrison Props
Mark Bonnin Bar staff
Mark Thomas Sound Assistant
Matthew Bowden Raffle , Front of house staff
Meg Howe Front of house staff
Michele Linehan-Hill Musician
Mike Cooper Assistant Director/Technical Advisor
Pauline Hunter Refreshments
Penny Lewis Make Up
Peter Lewis Chief Set Designer , Set Construction
Phil Knight Lighting Design and sound
Sarah Hall Front of house staff , Programme
Saundra Evans Make Up
Sofia Belfelice Make Up Design
Sue Gibson Backstage crew
Sue Morris Front of house staff
Tracy Hamshare Raffle
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Wilma Jordan Publicity , Raffle
Yvonne Hinton Costume Design and Stage Props