Programme for SING ON!

Written by Rick Abbot

Staged by Hook Players in 2014

Directed by Warwick Howe

Stage managed by Charlotte Handy

This one tells about an attempt by a not-so-hot playwright, Phyllis Montague to rewrite history and make Queen Elizabeth the First a bit nicer. Montague is trying to join a group called the Bess Boosters Society who promote good Queen Bess. Her favorite theatre company is hired to perform the 'musical'. Following 'Play On' this group swore it would never do another one of her plays, but money talks and they agree. The music and lyrics were written by her nephew, Monte Montague. Montague's play is a disaster waiting for a theatre group.


Jennie Barr Gerry
Sarah Hall Aggie
Helen Carter Louise
Ros Shepherd Polly
Kara Stanford Smitty
Paul Cuttle Saul
Fergus Kirkham Bill
Caroline Ebsworth Violet
John Hamshare Monte
Antonia Demetriadi Phyllis

Production team

Alison Roberts Make-up and Hair
Ann Grigg Set Design , Stage Crew , Poster Design
Antony Hunter Box Office
Carolyn Kirkham Front of House
Catriona Terrell Rehearsal prompt
Charlie Mansfield Lighting
Claire McDonagh Costumes
Elizabeth Knight Rehearsal prompt , Costumes , Raffle
Florence Hamshare Front of House
Gareth Hughes Stage Crew
Jackie Hayward Front of House
Jane Bonnin Poster Design , Front of House Supervision
Janet Bartrop Make-up and Hair
Jill Madgwick Front of House
John McDonagh Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Front of House
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Lesley Morrison Front of House Supervision
Livvy Gibson Stage Crew
Mark Thomas Sound
Meg Howe Front of House
Les Morrison Front of House
Pat Cooper Front of House
Paul Teuma Master Carpenter , Stage Crew
Phil Knight Sound and Lighting Design
Ros Shepherd Publicity
Sam McWilliams Make-up and Hair
Sarah Hall Music co-ordination , Programme Editor
Sofia Belfelice Make-up and Hair
Stuart James Bar Manager
Sue Gibson Stage Crew
Sue Morris Front of House
Tracy Hamshare Front of House
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Warwick Howe Music co-ordination
Wilma Jordan Prompt
Yvonne Hinton Wardrobe Mistress