Wife After Death

Programme for Wife After Death

Written by Eric Chappell.

Staged by Hook Players in 2015

Directed by Elizabeth Knight

Produced by Phil Knight

Stage managed by Charlotte Handy

Musical Direction by Ruth Malone

First presented on 17th March 2010 at the Theatre Royal, Brighton, with Tom Conti in the leading role.

Shows Thursday 23rd, Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April, at 7.45pm. A light supper will be served during the interval.

Comedian and national treasure Dave Thursby has died, and on the day of his funeral, friends and colleagues gather beside his coffin to pay their last respects ...

There's Harvey, who wrote Dave's material; Vi, Harvey's wife; Kevin, Dave's agent, and Kevin's wife Jane

Dave's glamorous widow Laura has arranged a funeral to remember, complete with a horse-drawn hearse and an attendant dog


Graeme Cooper Harvey Barrett
Lesley Morrison Vi Barrett
Ian Trodd Kevin Prewitt
Jennie Barr Laura Thursby
Sam McWilliams Jane Prewitt
Wilma Jordan Kay Thursby

Production team

Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Andy Hall Photography
Ann Grigg Set Design , Set Design and Painting , Poster Design
Antony Hunter Box office
Carolyn Kirkham Front of House
Catriona Terrell Prompt
Charlotte Handy Set Design
Charlie Mansfield Lighting
Christina Emery Catering Manager
Fergus Kirkham Front of House
Gina Seller Front of House
Hazel Bonnin Front of House
Helen Carter Front of House
Jackie Hayward Raffle
Jane Bonnin Poster Design , Front of House Manager
Janet West Make-up , Make-up , Front of House
Jennie Craven Front of House
Jim Alesbury Front of House
John Emery Catering Assistant
John McDonagh Photography
Julie Hunter-Clarke Front of House
Mark Bonnin Front of House
Mark Thomas Sound
Michele Linehan-Hill Musician
Mike Cooper Front of House
Pat Cooper Front of House
Paul Cuttle Coffin Procurement , Props
Paul Gaskill Front of House
Paul Teuma Master Carpenter
Phil Knight Lighting and Sound Design
Ros Alesbury Front of House
Ros Shepherd Publicity , Front of House
Ruth Malone Musical Director
Sarah Hall Programme , Programme , Front of House
Sofia Belfelice Make-up
Sue Gibson Assistant Stage Manager
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Yvonne Hinton Costumes