Beauty and the Beast

Programme for Beauty and the Beast

Written by Ben Crocker

Staged by Hook Players in 2015

Directed by Ros Shepherd

Produced by Elizabeth Knight

Stage managed by Charlotte Handy

Musical Direction by Michele Linehan-Hill

Musical Direction by Martin Cocks

Ben Crocker has enhanced this traditional fairy tale by introducing a poodle with a French accent. The pantomime dame is Ma, Beauty's mother, and the production is enhanced by a collection of animated furniture, including the Talking Clock.

Evening shows are on Friday 27th, Saturday 28th November and Friday 4th, Saturday 5th December.

Family matinee shows are on Saturday 28th November and Saturday 5th December, with a visit from Father Christmas.


Graeme Cooper Felix
John Hamshare Jacques
Caroline Ebsworth Capucine
Antonia Demetriadi Malabelle
Paul Cuttle Ma
Chantelle Hawke Beauty
Sam McWilliams Prince
Warwick Howe Beast
Ian Turner Talking Clock
Janet West Aimee
Fergus Kirkham Remy
Pat Cooper Table / Flower Seller / Villager
Laura Linehan-Hill Lamp / Villager
Hazel Bonnin Chest of Drawers / Villager
Julie Hunter-Clarke Rug / Villager
Jane Bonnin Villager / Castle Servant
Su Sullivan Villager / Castle Servant
Kate Blackman Tea Lady
Ella Louise Cooper Flowergirl, Snowflake and Villager
Lily Ebsworth Ghost, Snowflake, Kevin and Villager
Oliver Ebsworth Royal Page, Bear and Villager
Lauren Henney Skeleton, Snowflake and Villager
Toby Henney Royal Herald, Wolf and Villager
Sophie Pitt Palace Servant, Snowflake and Villager
Reuben Shepherd Royal Page, Wolf and Villager

Production team

Alex Henney Front of House
Alison Roberts Make-up and Hair
Andrew Bonnin Bar Manager
Ann Grigg Set Design , Painting
Antony Hunter Box office
Caroline Ebsworth Choreography
Carolyn Kirkham Front of House
Cathy Regan Front of House
Charlotte Handy Set Design
Elizabeth Knight Front of House Manager
Florence Hamshare Front of House
Jane Bonnin Programme
Janet Cooper Front of House
Janet West Make-up and Hair
Jennie Craven Elf
Jill Madgwick Front of House
John McDonagh Photography
Josh Hill Drums / Sound effects
Kate Blackman Refreshments
Kate Regan Make-up and Hair
Katie Linehan-Hill Violin / Harp
Lesley Morrison Front of House
Livvy Gibson Elf
Mark Bonnin Bar
Margaret Scrannage Raffle
Mark Thomas Sound
Martin Cocks Bassoon
Martin Kennedy Raffle
Meg Howe Front of House
Michele Linehan-Hill Piano
Mike Cooper Assistant Director
Paul Cuttle Props
Paul Gaskill Bar
Paul Teuma Set Build
Pauline Hunter Front of House
Phil Knight Lighting and Sound Design , Lighting
Ros Shepherd Publicity , Publicity
Sam Malcolm Lighting Technician
Sarah Hall Lyrics , Front of House
Sue Morris Refreshments
Tracy Hamshare Front of House
Trevor Barkham Bar
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Wilma Jordan Front of House
Yvonne Hinton Costumes