Programme for Aladdin

Written by Limelight Scripts

Staged by Hook Players in 2017

Directed by Sue Gibson

Produced by Nick Greenwood

Stage managed by Charlotte Handy

This production has all the elements that children and adults alike will recognise: the story and the well loved characters – Widow Twankey, Aladdin, the Genie – a lamp, a spirit of the ring and a beautiful princess as well as a cast of if not thousands – quite a few.

Marvel at the exotic locations! Tremble at the dangers in which Aladdin finds himself. Laugh with the slapstick! Boo the villain Abanazer! Panto has something for everyone Humour, spectacle, goodies v baddies, music, magic and a few surprises along the way.


Caroline Ebsworth Aladdin
John Hamshare Widow Twankey
Josh Davies Wishee Washee
Katie Lancaster Princess Lychee
Hazel Bonnin Peekaboo
Graeme Cooper Abanazer
Livvy Gibson Genie
Beth Stanford MiniMe
Paul Cuttle Spirit of The Ring
Fergus Kirkham Kung
Ian Turner Foo
Mike Cooper Emperor
Wilma Jordan Empress
Teresa Lancaster Khazi
Sam Elliott Won Hung Lo
Ann Cross High Priestess
Kara Stanford Executioner
Lily Ebsworth Yeti and Citizen
Lauren Henney Mummy and Citizen
Janet West Reporter and Citizen
Pat Cooper Citizen / Servant
Jane Bonnin Citizen / Servant
Andrew Bonnin Citizen / Servant
Colin Webb Man / Citizen
Reuben Shepherd Boy / Citizen
Ellie Millard Woman / Citizen
Harry Millard Rick Shaw

Production team

Andrew Greenwood Raffle
Angela Rees Costumes
Ann Grigg Set Design , Stage Crew , Set Painting , Poster Design
Antonia Demetriadi Front of House
Cedric Bradley Front of House
Charlotte Handy Set Design
Christine Bradley Front of House
Christina Emery Bar Manager
Colin Davies Box office
Elizabeth Knight Wardrobe Mistress
Gerrard Lancaster Set Build , Stage Crew
Jane Bonnin Costumes , Programme Editor
Janet West Make-up / Hair
Jean Heap Front of House
Jennie Barr Assistant Director
Jill Greenwood Front of House
Jill Madgwick Front of House
John Emery Bar
Julie Hunter-Clarke Costumes
Lucy Butterworth Front of House
Mark Bonnin Bar
Margaret Scrannage Front of House
Mark Thomas Sound
Martin Kennedy Front of House
Meg Howe Front of House
Mike Cooper Set Build
Nicholas Lancaster Set Build , Stage Crew
Paul Teuma Master Carpenter
Phil Henney Set Build
Phil Knight Lighting and Sound Design , Lighting
Ros Shepherd Costumes , Make-up / Hair , Publicity , Front of House
Sue Gibson Box office
Sue Turner Front of House
Tom Palmer Photography
Tracy Hamshare Front of House
Trevor Barkham Set Build , Bar
Trevor Blake Set Build
Trees Newsagents Box Office
Warwick Howe Props