Black Comedy

Written by Peter Shaffer

In one hilarious act, the action supposedly in the dark is illuminated; when the lights are to be on, the stage is the dark. Lovesick and desperate, sculptor Brindsley Miller has embellished his apartment with furniture and objects d'arte "borrowed" from the absent antique collector next door hoping to impress his fiancee's pompous father and a wealthy art dealer, Schuppanzigh. The fussy neighbor, Harold Gorringe returns just as a blown fuse plunges the apartment into darkness and Brindsley is revealed teetering on the verge of very ripe farce. Unexpected guests, aging spinsters, errant phone cords and other snares impede his frantic attempts to return the purloined items before light is restored.

Staged by Hook Players in 1989

Directed by:
Produced by:
Stage Managed by:
Brindsley Miller
Carol Melkett
Miss Furnival
Colonel Melkett
Harold Gorringe
George Bamberger

Production Team
Assistant Stage Manager
Lighting and Sound
Vase paintings
Box Office
Front of house