Pastiche (festival production)

Programme Cover
Written by Nick Hall

Sir Peter, has planned a dinner for two. His companion is Viola, a young chorus girl. But he's forgotten it's his wedding anniversary-- his wife, Lady Alexandra, comes home early and aided by the butler, Medford, turns Sir Peter's evening into a shambles. Medford interrupts the dinner disguised as a policeman-- then Lady Alexandra appears in a Salvation Army uniform-- then Medford in the guise of a gypsy violinist-- and finally the two of them disguised as Sir Peter's parents. Viola-- unlike Sir Peter-- is unaware of their true identity and leaves in a huff. Sir Peter and his wife make up and sit down to an anniversary supper.

Staged by Hook Players in 2000

Directed by:
Stage Managed by:
Sir Peter Tanford
Lady Alexandra Tanford
Viola Vionysse