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Written by Peter Quilter

Four short plays by acclaimed playwright Peter Quilter. "Duets" is a gloriously funny examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never greener. It pays a hilarious tribute to the strength and madness of the human heart. Four sets of characters, four crucial moments.

Staged by Hook Players in 2019

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Blind Date
Written by Peter Quilter

Jonathan and Wendy are on a blind date and hoping to get it right this time even though they’ve never got it right before.

Secretaral Skills
Written by Peter Quilter

Barrie is not really interested in women but Janet sees that as no reason to stop trying.

The Holiday
Written by Peter Quilter

Shelley and Bobby are drowning in cocktails on holiday in Spain while trying to finalise their divorce.

The Bride-to-be
Written by Peter Quilter

Angela is marrying for the third time, to the dismay of her brother Toby and amidst a barrage of bad omens.