Murdered to Death

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Written by Peter Gordon

Picture the scene: the lounge of a country manor house with a cast of characters that includes a bumbling butler, a colonel with a fondness for sherry, a heavily-accented Frenchman and a highsociety debutante, all watched over by a nosy busybody and local sleuth with the (happy?) knack of attracting murder wherever she goes. If we tell you that her name is... Miss Maple (yes, that is spelled correctly!) then you'll perhaps get an inkling of the kind of evening's entertainment ahead of you when you come to see this play!

When the inevitable murder is committed (well, there is a bit of a clue in the title!) the local constabulary send their best man with his faithful constable to unravel the mystery. Unfortunately, best seems not to apply to his detecting abilities (again, there is a clue in the chap's name - Inspector Pratt) and there are plenty of other clues, red herrings and false trails to emerge as it becomes clear that the murderer isn't finished yet.

But will the killer be unmasked before everyone else has met their doom, or will the audience die laughing first?

This wonderfully funny play pokes fun at all the best Agatha Christie traditions, and while we certainly don't want you to corpse in the aisles, we certainly do want to entertain you on 25, 26 and 27 November at the Elizabeth Hall.

Staged by Hook Players in 2010

Directed by:
Produced by:
Stage Managed by:
Colonel Charles Craddock
Margaret Craddock
Pierre Marceau
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington
Joan Maple
Inspector Pratt
Constable Thompkins

Production Team
Assistant Director